10 Weeks Old -  

12 lbs 3 ounces @ 10 weeks. He's just getting so big and so cute and so loveable....we just can't get enough of him.  

Dave took his 10 week pictures this week...they are hysterical.  He ended up with about 15 total...most involve Landon showing his dad how unhappy he is with the situation. Landon didn't crack one smile for his dad during his photo shoot.  What a bummer, because his smile is so cute!  However, I appreciate these somber & screaming pictures, too.  We talk about his cute smile ALL of the time, but I must confess that we often get these looks, too.  :) :(

Dave has taken Landon shopping for "guy" clothes a few times.  They usually buy something in camo...so far 2 pairs of shorts and a romper outfit (the outfit in the top 2 pix) in camo.  

He even bought Landon a matching outfit - like father like son :)  Camo cargo shorts with a St. Louis cardinals red t-shirt.  Go Cards! 

betsy pabst
5/8/2009 07:00:25

he is a cutee

betsy pabst
5/8/2009 07:01:15

he loves the cardinals


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