Landon - 14 Weeks Old -  

Landon was 14 weeks old on Tuesday, April 28.  He weighed in just shy of 14 pounds and measured a little over 25 inches long - what a big boy!  His dark hair is starting to fill in and his eyes have changed from baby blue to a med. brown/hazel color.  His smile is so cute! 

Cute story for this week: As I've mentioned in earlier posts, Landon has found his voice - he loves to talk to people, the TV, sing in the car with the radio...I could go on and on.  We have been taking Landon into church service with us, because we haven't been brave enough to leave Landon in church nursery yet (too little, too many winter illnesses looming, etc...).  He usually sleeps through most of the service, so it's not too big of a distraction to have him there with us. Today he decided to find his voice during service.  He started out singing along with us during praise & worship (ooooh, OOOH, AHHH, Ah Ah Ah) - Dave thinks he's a little tone deaf ;).  Then, Landon also decided he wanted to preach along with Pastor Al, more OOOHs, AHHHs, ooohs.  We're not pressuring him, but we think he might want to consider going into the ministry - either as a music director or a preacher :)    Next week Landon gets dedicated at church, so he'll go to service with us then.  However, I think we'll start introducing him to the very kind people working in the church nursery the following Sunday morning. 

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