Landon - 3 Weeks Old -  

Wow - I cannot believe our little man is 3 weeks old already!  (The Landon elephant was a gift from Dave's co-worker - isn't it cute?!)  Landon has really grown in the past week.  He's gaining weight and getting long, but he's losing his "newborn look" mostly because he's staring to fill out.  He loves sitting in his bouncy seat when he's awake and loves laying on our chest when he's sleepy.  I just can't get enough of his sweet baby scent!

The past week has been busy.  The ENT dr. determined that Landon was tongue tied, so he clipped his tongue in the office last Wednesday.  It was amazing to see Landon start using his tongue immediately!  Before he never moved his tongue, now he moves it around and sticks it out all of the time.  We think this was part of the problem with him not breastfeeding correctly.  The only problem with getting his tongue clipped is that he had to re-learn how to suck his thumb.  He's still gets really ticked at his thumb & tongue because it doesn't work how it used to.

Grammy was here last week to help Mommy out with things around the house,  and, of course, to spend some quality time with Landon.  It was so much fun having her here!  Landon misses all of her kisses and "talks" this week :)  And Mommy misses the extra set of hands. 

This week marks the first time I've been left alone all day with Landon.  So far, so good!  Each day has been a little different.  On Monday, he wanted to sleep most of the day.  Tuesday, he wanted to be awake most of the day.  We'll see how his schedule changes tomorrow :)  He eats regularly every 3 hours, that is the one thing that doesn't change.  He isn't shy about letting us know when he's hungry. 

Last week we also ventured to the mall for an evening.  Grammy & Mommy are trying to teach Landon how to be a good shopper like his dad & Grandpa! 

2/10/2009 22:13:58

Glad you're getting along well by yourself!! Looking forward to seeing you on Friday evening!!

jacquetta menold
2/13/2009 01:08:41

Hey Landon, Hope you and mommy are having a good day. It was so much fun talking to you last night. You and grandma Barb have a great time tonight . Lots of love and kisses from grammy!!!!!!!


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