7 Weeks Old -  

Little Man is getting quite the personality.  He is really starting to smile, mostly right after he's had his bottle.  We're all happier when we have a full belly, right?  Landon weighs 10 lbs 9 ozs this week - growing so big!  He wakes once at night to eat, sleeping about 5-6 hours then another 3-4.  He's a happy little guy who is starting to love his play gym & bouncy seat where he can kick and reach for the toys.  He's starting to see things and track them better with his eyes.  When he hears a voice or noise he moves his head to follow it.  It is so awesome to see how much he is growing and changing.  It's also fun to guess who he looks like - he looks like someone different with the different faces he makes. 

Landon went to Dave's basketball game on Saturday.  He was sporting the Illini orange in support of the Orange team. 

3/11/2009 15:38:16

He does look like a little man! He is so adorable. What beautiful eyes! Enjoy!

joy rugaard
3/11/2009 23:55:22

He is getting so big too quick! He is beautiful! Just can't believe how he is changing...LOOOOOve the first picture. His eyes are precious. Hope your week continues to go well. Thinking about you!


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