***Pictures & Videos have been added****

April has been a very busy month.  We've been enjoying the nice weather...so happy that spring is finally here!  The longer days and warm weather are the only excuses we can provide for the lack of updates and pictures.  This post works backwards....starts with the most recent and ends with where we left off.

Week 13 (April 21 - 28)

Landon was 13 pounds, 5 ounces.  Landon found his voice this week.  He has been cooing for a while, but he now coos over and over for several minutes at a time.  He'll coo at you while your talking to him, while the radio is playing, or if you are reading to him.  He even "talks" to the little toys that are dangling from the play gym or car seat...It's so cute.  


Grammy & Grandpa came to see Landon on Friday.  Landon gave Grammy a little pep talk about how her foot needs to get better soon!  He also apologized about the big stroller and explained to her that he got a new stroller this week for smaller wheels...hopefully they won't trip her when she's back to walking on both feet!!!

He also has decided he loves the outdoors.  He enjoys going for stroller rides, playing with mom & dad outside, or lounging on Nanny's lap on the front porch. 

Pa brought Nanny back this week, so Landon & Pa got a chance to sit on the front porch for some fun time, too!

3 Months Old (Monday, April 20)

Seriously!?  How can he be 3 months old already?  David & I are in complete awe that the time has gone by so fast already!  What a precious little boy...we love him so much and thank the Lord every day for our "Little Man" he has blessed us with.

Accomplishments @ 3 months....giggled, rolled over, coos, smiles, eats ~6 ounces every four hours during the day, sleeps 10-12 hours at night, holds head up without support, reaches and holds onto toys, and drooooool all day long :)

Week 12 (April 14 - 20)

Landon weighed 13 pounds 2 ounces. 

Landon had a great weeek (April 13 - 17) with Grandma Barb.  She spent her spring break playing with Landon.  Landon had so much fun with Grandma all week.  They played patty-cake, went on walks, and baked a cake together.  Thanks Grandma for the super fun week!!!

On April 19th Landon achieved 2 milestones.  In the morning he rolled over!  Then in the evening Dave was playing with him and blowing on the bottom of his feet.  Landon giggled...twice!  It surprised us so much!  As soon as he did that, he quit.  We tried to get him to do it again, but he was't interested in doing it again.  We couldn't believe that he rolled over and giggled in the same day - what fun!

Week 11 (Apiril 7 - 13)

Week 11 - Landon weighed 13 pounds!  His neck is getting so strong and he can hold his head up without much support.  Because of this, he started sitting in his bumpo seat for a few minutes at a time. 

Landon loves to play in his Baby Einstein play gym.  He is batting at the toys with his hands and kicks his feet fiercefully while playing with the toys.  He typically spends 20 - 30 minutes playing with it at a time - great for 11 weeks! 

It's official...Landon is sleeping 10 hours at night consistantly - this makes his mommy & daddy sooo HAPPY!  He goes to bed around 8:30pm and stays in bed until 6:30 - 7:00am. 

We're still waiting for some warm weather so that we can go outside to play. 


Happy Easter!  Landon celebrated his first Easter in fashion.  He had his Easter picture taken at the mall with the rather large bunny.  No smiles for the bunny, but at least he didn't cry! 

This weekend we spent time in Morton with our families.  Landon had 4 Easter baskets, was held by 20+ different people, and we enjoyed many different yummy meals.  It was so great to see everyone and hope you had an enjoyable weekend!


Landon talking to Dave @ the dr. office

Landon playing with kick-piano.


12 lbs 3 ounces @ 10 weeks. He's just getting so big and so cute and so loveable....we just can't get enough of him.  

Dave took his 10 week pictures this week...they are hysterical.  He ended up with about 15 total...most involve Landon showing his dad how unhappy he is with the situation. Landon didn't crack one smile for his dad during his photo shoot.  What a bummer, because his smile is so cute!  However, I appreciate these somber & screaming pictures, too.  We talk about his cute smile ALL of the time, but I must confess that we often get these looks, too.  :) :(

Dave has taken Landon shopping for "guy" clothes a few times.  They usually buy something in camo...so far 2 pairs of shorts and a romper outfit (the outfit in the top 2 pix) in camo.  

He even bought Landon a matching outfit - like father like son :)  Camo cargo shorts with a St. Louis cardinals red t-shirt.  Go Cards!