That's the lesson for the week - Patience.  We're still waiting for our little one to arrive.  Various people have reported that the cold weather is keeping it from coming this past week, it's warming up this week so I think it's time for him or her to arrive.  Baby Aberle will make an arrival this week - the dr. promised!  We'll keep ya'll updated here with pictures and details :) 

I have another shout out to give to yet another lucky couple who had their baby this week.  Our friends, Heather & Kevin, were blessed with baby girl #3 yesterday.  She's so precious - and looks just like her 2 older sisters already!  Congrats S family!

My mom & dad (soon to be first time grandparents!!!) brought us this cradle for the baby.  Mom & I went shopping for the bedding and it looks absolutely adorable!  Thanks M&D for the visit last weekend and for the special gift!  We can't wait to put our little one in it soon! :)


Yes - today's the big due date for the baby to arrive...and nothing.  Well, he/she has about 7 hours left to arrive, but the dr. confirmed that it probably won't happen today.  Apparently Baby Aberle wants to arrive fashionably late.  So, we'll keep waiting.  Good news: Baby's heart rate & growth are right on target and I continue to feel really good.  Bad news: I'm exhausted from the lack of sleep. 

Congrats to Dave's cousin, Angela!  She & her husband Joe welcomed a little girl into the world today - so excited for them!


Though the past few months have flown by, we are growing very impatient for little Baby Aberle to arrive!  S/he is due to be here on Tuesday (Jan 13).  I am still feeling really well and am still working, which has helped the time go by a little bit faster this week.  So far I'm not dilated and am having no contractions, so we'll just wait for the little munchkin to tell us when s/he is ready to come.    

Our apologies for the lack of updates on the website, but trust me, this will be the place to get the latest updates on our growing family. 

The nursery is finally ready!  It's stocked up with all of the adorable baby things that our friends and family showered us with and now were waiting to put to them to good use.  My friends, co-workers, and family hosted wonderful baby showers in November and December.  Each shower was so special!  Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us prepare for the baby - we couldn't have done it without you!!!

We've also finished the main level bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, and stairwell to the basement.  All complete with new windows, refinished floors, and a new front door.  Everything has turned out just beautifully.  Dave did a fabulous job on everything and we can't thank our friends & family enough for their great help, too!  

Here are a few pix of the nursery and main level completed projects.  We'll also post some additional pix in the "Home Remodel" section of the website.


Amazing!  It was so amazing to see our little itty-bitty yesterday!  We saw so many features up close - the head, brain, eyes, lips, fingers, arms, heart, ribs, spine, legs and feet!  So many little features growing beautifully!!!  According to the measurement, the baby weighed in at 13 ounces.  A little on the small side, but not enough to change the due date, which is January 13, 2009.  David & I are very excited to welcome he or she into our family - we can't wait!

This is the baby's left upper body profile (head is on upper left looking down).

This is the baby's facial profile on right side (baby is looking up).

This is the baby's left foot (under the text "LT FOOT"). 

We saw both feet with all 10 toes.  We also saw both hands - each with four fingers, the thumbs were tucked under the hand so we couldn't see them.


The past Father's Day weekend was a special one for our families to remember.  First off, David surprised everyone by joining me in Morton for the Father's day fesitivities.  It was wondeful to have him home for a few days, especially since we shared some very good news.

David & I hare thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first baby.  Baby Aberle is due to arrive on January 13, 2009.  I'm about 11 weeks along and have been feeling great.  The doctors have been wonderful about checking up on me and my Crohn's seems to be doing well.   Last Monday the doctor took the baby's first picture.  We're so thankful that everything looks normal and the baby is doing well.