Dave is finally finished with all of his training (six full days worth) and is now hard at work.  He saw 2 Boeing 787s sitting next to each other the other day.  According the his reports: The facility is HUGE, the people are friendly and good to work with, and the scenery is beautiful.  He did so much training last week that his supervisor told him to take the weekend off.   In typical Dave fashion, he went exploring the mountains that surround him to the west.  Below are a few self portraits taken during a hike in the mountains. 

There's been a new addition to the Menold side of the family.  Noah got an early birthday present from Nan & Pa - a puppy.  Hank is a six week old yellow lab who already weighs as much as MoJo.  Below is a picture of Hank - he's known to fall asleep just about anywhere, anytime.  MoJo can't wait to meet and play with his new cousin!!

Hope you all have a great week! ~Kelsey