Mr. Smiles...notice that milk drool.

He's 8 weeks!  He weighs about 11.5 pounds this week. 

It was such a gorgeous day here that Dave, Landon, Max, MoJo & I took a walk this evening.  Landon loved every minute of it.  He started off smiling and cooing.  By the time we arrived back in our driveway he was sleeping.  As you can see from the picture below he doesn't always smile, but he loves just hanging out.  Today Nanny put him in the swing and turned on cartoons for him to watch.  She said it was so cute to see how he was watching and following the characters on the screen.

Check out his shirt. I thought it was fitting since his daddy works on airplane programs at Boeing :) 

So the dogs are doing really good with Landon.  MoJo is more interested in him than Max is, but both have done well with adjusting to the baby.  When we got MoJo and Max we did several dog training classes and taught them many commands.  The both picked up on the training very quickly and we have continued to reinforce the commands and rules.  One area we were a little relaxed on was allowing them on the furniture.  We have learned in the past 8 weeks that this was a bad idea.  So, for the past 2 weeks we've been working with the pups on staying off of the furniture.  MoJo has taken this more personally than Max.  However both have caught on to this quite quickly and are doing very well with the new house rule.  Here's a picture of their puppy couch.  Not quite as big and comfy as they'd like, but I like it much better :)


We started out our weekend by getting the boys' hair cut.  They went to the groomers Friday morning.  You'll notice that Max doesn't look like the picture we posted of him when we first got him.  Not only has his hair lightened up, but it also 2 inches shorter.  I'm sure he stays much cooler without his fur coat! 

My parents, Noah & Whitney were down here for the weekend.  Dad & Noah volunteered to help Dave continue working on tearing out the patio.  They worked really hard on busting up the concrete and got alot done on Saturday afternoon.  However, they highly encouraged Dave to get a jackhammer the next time :).   THANKS SO MUCH DAD & NOAH FOR YOUR HELP!!!!

Mom, Whitney & I went shopping while the boys were working.  Then we all went down to the Festival of the Little Hills for the evening.  It was a beautiful evening and we had a nice time walking around to see all of the vendors (literally 100s of them!).   Dave, the boys, & I went back down to the festival today for funnel cake, fried oreos & a lemonade shake-up!  It was a mid-afternoon craving :)

Below is a picture of the patio progress.  Once this is done we'll start progressing on the interior of our house (I can't wait!).


So sorry for the extended period of time since the last post.  Things were fairly quiet and calm until last Wednesday.  To make a long story short we adopted a 12 week old male Yorkie.  We call him Max, MoJo's little brother.  They play like brothers.  It's been so good for MoJo to have a playmate.  Max weighs about 3.5 pounds.  He'll probably grow to 9-10 pounds.  Below are a few pix of our boys.