Celebrity style baby photo shoot -  

Yesterday we had so much fun with Grandma Barb, Aunt Joy & cousin Gus!  They braved the snow storm to come meet Landon - so sorry about the cracked windshield and 5 hour trip home! 

We spent most of the day looking at Landon through the lens of the camera.  Aunt Joy took Landon's very first baby pictures.  Of course he's so precious, she just couldn't quit taking pictures :)  And I loved every minute of it.  Landon was such a little trooper.  He was dressed, redressed, and undressed and moved, rotated and rolled so many times.  He was exhausted last night, but it was well worth it!

Joy - Thank you so much for capturing these special pictures of our little one!  They mean so much to us!!!

Here's a little sneak peek for everyone to enJOY - http://photographybyjoy.blogspot.com/

1/28/2009 07:43:17

He is so adorable! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous!


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