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Hi to all of our family & friends.  Instead of sending out random & boring emails, we thought a blog we be more fun to provide you all with updates about us.  We will provide regular (no commitment on how regular) updates on what is going on in our lives.  Feel free to leave comments or questions...your feedback will help us know what you do/do not want to know from us.  Let the blogging begin!

Mom and Dad Aberle
4/27/2008 23:21:12

David and Kelsey - This is WONDERFUL!!! I saw Heather at our church yesterday and mentioned they were missing the bike ride on Saturday. David, that brings back alot of memories when you, Matt, Joy and Dad would go biking all day on Saturdays.

So David you will be working 2nd shift! I am sure you will adjust quickly because of who you are. You always have a great attitude!
Kelsey - If there is anything I can do to help - just call and I would love to come on down - even if it is to take you to lunch and shop!!!

Will be praying for you both!! Love ya
Mom and Dad Aberle

Kay and Harold Lindley
4/28/2008 00:17:10

Hello Kelsey and Dave,

How neat that you have a website! We enjoyed reading it and wish Dave good luck in his new Seattle assignment. Kelsey, you have a really neat city to visit Dave!

We just arrived home from visiting Jeremy and Amy in Geneva, Switzerland. It was awesome. While they worked during the day, we took all day long trains trips all over Switzerland. We saw beautiful snow covered mts and quaint little villages and bigger cities. We bought Swiss train pass for 8 days which entitled us to ride any trains in Switzerland for as long or far as we wished plus it covered buses, trams, boats, museums, etc. It was really a neat way to travel plus trains are clean, always on time, and quite roomy. One weekend Amy and JEremy took us to Paris, and we had a wonderful time walking all over the city. It was really fun to go atop Eiffle Tower and see city below. Jer and Amy will be moving soon to Cary, N. Carolina for Amy's new job. Jer continues to work at home on his comuter for co. in Peoria. Their two German Shepherds love having Jer home with them so he can take them out, to river, to dog parks. We enjoyed taking them for walks when we were there. So we were happy to make this one last trip to Switzerland!

Last weekend we spent Sat with Lindley clan to celebrate Aunt Alice's surprise 70th birthday party. Then Sunday we were in Chatsworth/Piper City/Fairbury area to celebrate Dad's 96th birthday and Mom's 94th birthday. All 6 of siblings were home plus some of grandkids. Todd and Tierra and Ti were home, and we stayed at motel with swimming pool with them. Rhonda had craft fair so couldn't come. They had gone with us to Disney in Fl. during spring break. Richard and Holly and family are busy. Peyton is in 5th grade, Simon is in 2nd grade, and Haven is 3 already! We stayed with kids several times recently when holly was with her mother in Jeffersonville.

We still sub! So glad to hear from you. God bless you both. Your bike trip sounded fun!

Love in Christ, Kay and Harold

Brad, Jacquetta
4/28/2008 03:50:38

Hey, this came through on my blackberry at 12:12 a.m.!!! Thanks alot, I guess you thought I needed to know about this in the middle of the night? Just kidding, it did not wake me. I have it set so it notified me at a more decent hour. We had quite the weekend with Aunt Boo's suprise (and I do mean suprise!) visit. See ya. Love Dad.

4/28/2008 12:19:36

i can't wait to come stay with you the entirety of dave's departure

4/29/2008 23:43:46

hi guys, Was reading your website for the first time. Pretty cool! Sooooo, I decided to see if I could figure out how to leave you a note. I have been praying for Dave's adventure to Seattle and for you Kels, being home. I truly feel you both have peace about this and are excited for Dave for this experience. Three months will go quickly. I am still trying to convicne dad that we should go see Dave (It is a work in progress!) Whit and I are finishing invites tonight and tomorrow so we can enjoy the showers this weekend. Looking forward to our girl time! Hope you have a great day. Love, mom

Brad, Jacquetta
5/7/2008 00:03:02

Your tulips are pretty! Nice colors. Love dad.


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