Landon - First Weekend at Home -  

Landon is settling in at home wonderfully - he's such a good baby.  He has his fussy moments, but he's eating great and loves exploring his new home.  Landon also had his first outing to his first doctor visit.  He weighed in at 7lbs 7.8 ozs and the doctor said he's a very healthy boy. 

My mom was here from Thursday night to Sunday to help us out with everything - thanks so much Mom!!!  She and Landon had many middle of the night bonding moments while Dave & I caught up on some sleep.  Landon also had fun meeting his Aunt Whitney & Uncle Scott and Uncle Noah and girlfriend Whitney. 

After everyone left on Sunday at noon Dave, Landon & I were left to figure things out on our own!! :)  First on the agenda - naps for all of us.  Then we had fun playing and enjoying our little guy - he is simply divine!  We can't get enough of him.  He slept great last night and now is ready to start the week off.  Grandma Aberle & Aunt Joy are going to come down on Tuesday and Nanny & my Mom (who still hasn't decided what she wants to be named) are coming on Wednesday.  Landon can't wait for all of his visitors and all of the lovin' that will come with them! 

Below are a few pictures from the weekend.  ~Kelsey

Aunt Whitney & Uncle Scott

Uncle Noah & Whitney

Bathtime - not very happy about being cold

Drying off and warming up after bathtime, and being comforted by the thumb (YES - he's a thumb sucker!).


1/26/2009 00:21:35

Hi Kels, Dave, and Landon, I was so excited to see the pictures and my little guy. He is the best. Love you guys and see you Tues. Love (and lots of hugs and kisses for Landon) Mom

1/26/2009 05:30:57

He's so cute!! I can't believe he is sucking his thumb already!! My girls didn't start until 3 months.

1/26/2009 22:59:29

Adorable ! He's so darling ! Looks like you are having fun! Thanks for the pics, gave me me my baby fix for the day, tomorrow I will have Ciarra to do that. Love, Marcy

1/27/2009 11:08:45

What a beautiful baby boy!! And a thumbsucker! I LOVE it! Congratulations to all of you! Landon is a very lucky baby to have such a loving family! Can't wait to meet him. Love, Nancy

1/28/2009 12:03:39

He is so adorable! I love all the pictures, he looks like such a sweet little guy :)
Kaleigh :)

Beth Feucht
2/3/2009 12:00:37

I cried when I saw how perfect and beautiful your little boy is. I loved the pictures and first thought he looked just like Dave, but now see he is a composite! Blessings, Love, A. Beth


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