Landon - 17 Months (June) -  

Summer is here and Landon is enjoying every minute of it!  He LOVES to be outside.  Landon started the month off in the Ozarks and ended it by welcoming home his new baby sister, Lillian.  Landon had a BIG growth spurt this month, after not growing much for a few months.  He grew 2 shoe sizes and is now starting to wear some 2T clothes.  Landon is an explorer - he will work and work at something until he figures it out (true sign of a future engineer ;) ). 

Boating in the Ozarks Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend at a cabin with Grammie & Grandpa, Aunt Whitney & Uncle Scott, and Uncle Noah & Whitney.  Landon got to spend the remainder of the week at the cabin with just Grammie & Grandpa.  We went boating around the lake and played at the pool (he didn't really like swimming in the lake or pool).  Landon had so much fun feeding the ducks off of the side of the boat.  Landon also enjoyed many stroller rides. 

Grammie & Landon at Ted Drewes

Grammie & Aunt Whitney came in for a day visit mid-June.  They spent the day with Mommy & Landon shopping and having lunch in Chesterfield.  We all enjoyed frozen custard at Ted Drewes on the hot summer afternoon before they left for home.  Landon shared a banana split with Grammie - YUMMY!

Landon "helping" Daddy in the garage

Landon LOVES being outside.  Since he & Dad get home before mom in the afternoons, they usually are working on something outside or in the garage.  Lately Dave has been working on the boat motor, so Landon is more than happy to "help" Dad work on the motor or anything else he can find.  He explores every tool and widgit that he can find in his dad's tool boxes :)

Trip to the Zoo with Daddy

Landon & Daddy had a guys day at the zoo.  They had so much fun riding the train (they sat in the front!).  Landon enjoyed looking at all of the animals...giraffes, elephants, monkeys, penguins, hippos, and many more! 

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