Lillian - 1 Week Old -  
Lillian is 1 week old!  Many people have asked us if we are going to shorten her name or call her by her full name.  We are calling her Lillian or Lilli.  Dave calls her 'Lil Miss :) 

We're all adjusting to being a family of four.  Lilli and Mommy came home from the hospital on Father's Day.  It was a special day.  We were welcomed home by Landon and both sets of grandparents, and the wonderful lunch that they prepared.  It was so nice having the grandparents here to help with Landon while we were in the hospital over the weekend.  THANK YOU Grammie & Grandpa and Grandma & Grandpa Aberle for all you did!!!

Dave was off of work the first week we were home.  It was nice adjustment period for all of us.  We took Lilli to the dr. for her newborn visit, weighing in at 7 pounds 8 ounces.  She lost a little bit of weight, but nothing to be concerned with.  She made herself known at the dr. office with her very strong cry.  She came into the world with a very strong cry, which we are all trying to adjust our ears to.  In response to her cry, Landon has started a very loud shrieking noise. 

Overall, Landon is adjusting really well to having a little sister.  He doesn't care if Dave or I are holding her, but he wants to be right by our side with us.  If she cries, he wants to go check on her immediately.  When we arrived home from the dr. visit, I set the infant seat with Lillian in it on the kitchen floor (she was sleeping).  I stepped away and hear Landon talking....I look over and he is squatted down in front of the infant seat talking to his little sister and running his little finger down her nose gently.  It was so sweet!  Too bad I didn't have my camera, but the image will forever be with me. 

Enjoy the pictures of week 1! :) :)

First family picture at home.


Landon checking on his little sister in her bassinet.

First car ride...on her way home from the hospital on 6/20/2010

Happy Father's Day!


xoxo - Landon

7/21/2010 05:57:56

Congrats! She's beautiful and Landon is already a great big brother:)


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