No excuses....just having too much fun to blog -  
I'm not sure if there's anyone who ever checks our blog any's been a while....OK - a loooooong while - since I've posted any updates.  We've just been having too much fun.  However, I know there are a few faithful blog followers who would like to see an updated picture of Landon every once in a while.  So, it's my goal to resume blogging.  I'll also be playing catch up, so you'll see some posts from our summer.  We hope you all are doing well.  Keep checking back for more pictures and updates.
10/19/2009 04:27:10

ok I commented on the wrong one..but I still think..he is just a very darling little man!

The Aberle's
10/19/2009 09:49:09

Awww thanks! We think he is darling too! His smile melts our hearts :)


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