Our 4 foot addition - Max -  

So sorry for the extended period of time since the last post.  Things were fairly quiet and calm until last Wednesday.  To make a long story short we adopted a 12 week old male Yorkie.  We call him Max, MoJo's little brother.  They play like brothers.  It's been so good for MoJo to have a playmate.  Max weighs about 3.5 pounds.  He'll probably grow to 9-10 pounds.  Below are a few pix of our boys.

Art/Twyla Schlipf
6/17/2008 08:55:02

Dar Kelsey and Dave,
Well, it looks like congratulations are in order!! It is probably fun for the little guys to play together and entertain each other while Dave is gone and you are adjusting to your new phase of life..:0)
We are excited for you and pray all goes well. Love the schlipf's


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