The Patio has disappeared -  

Believe it or not....the picture above shows what our back patio looked like shortly after we moved in 3 years ago.

The picture below shows what it looks like today.  With many hours of work from Dave, family & friends, the patio has been completely torn out.  Why did we do this?  The patio was held up by railroad ties that were rotting.  To help prevent termites and to keep the patio from continually sinking, we had to get it torn out.  Eventually we will put a deck up, but for now it will be a grassy hill in the back of our yard.  Dave is hoping that it will be a good sledding hill! :)

Thanks to all of you who helped us get this accomplished so quickly!  We couldn't have done it without ya!

Have a wonderful long weekend!!

 Aug 31, 2008 - seeded for grass. 

the Schlipf's
8/31/2008 23:07:01

Your back yard looks great! That had to be a big job. I just saw your sonogram picturs too..isn't that amazing? Such clear pictures and such a perfect baby..and speaking from experience that is what these grandbabies are...perfect. Your Mom and Dad are in for an amazing experience and I am excited to watch!! Thanks for sharing. love A.T.

Brad, Jacquetta
9/3/2008 04:55:12


Art & Twyla
10/15/2008 00:49:36

Happy Anniversary!!

Is it boring in St. Louis or are you guys just really busy? :0)


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