Weekend Festivities -  

We started out our weekend by getting the boys' hair cut.  They went to the groomers Friday morning.  You'll notice that Max doesn't look like the picture we posted of him when we first got him.  Not only has his hair lightened up, but it also 2 inches shorter.  I'm sure he stays much cooler without his fur coat! 

My parents, Noah & Whitney were down here for the weekend.  Dad & Noah volunteered to help Dave continue working on tearing out the patio.  They worked really hard on busting up the concrete and got alot done on Saturday afternoon.  However, they highly encouraged Dave to get a jackhammer the next time :).   THANKS SO MUCH DAD & NOAH FOR YOUR HELP!!!!

Mom, Whitney & I went shopping while the boys were working.  Then we all went down to the Festival of the Little Hills for the evening.  It was a beautiful evening and we had a nice time walking around to see all of the vendors (literally 100s of them!).   Dave, the boys, & I went back down to the festival today for funnel cake, fried oreos & a lemonade shake-up!  It was a mid-afternoon craving :)

Below is a picture of the patio progress.  Once this is done we'll start progressing on the interior of our house (I can't wait!).

8/17/2008 10:42:17

Wow! Looks like they got a lot accomplished!!

Marcella L. Stoller
8/18/2008 01:50:55

Hello ! I was checking for baby news, pics of you looking preggos,etc. Just wondering how every thing is. All your remodeling reminds me of when I was pregnant with Jessa. We did finish that remodeling phase when she was 6months old. She had to sleep in teh dining room til then ! Love, Marcy


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