Landon - 16 Weeks Old -  

Our little man is getting so big, weighing in at 14 pounds 12 ounces.  We have so many little nicknames for him...bubba, punkin head, prince, spoiled, Mr. Bubbles, rockstar, Mr. Impatient, chatterbox - all describing his personality.  His little personality blooms more and more each day. 

He loves to play and will play on his tummy or back for long periods of time, but also knows when he wants to be held.  Recently his favorite position to be held is up on the shoulder, if you're not doing it exactly how he likes it he will let you know.  He's been very social, smiling and cooing at people. 

He normally will let anyone hold him, excpet last week when we went to visit Carmen (our next door neighbor).  She was playing dominos with her friends, and Landon scrunched his face in and pouted his lower lip and started WAILING - not crying - WAILING!  I honestly did not know what to do, he was so upset.  He finally calmed down and smiled for the ladies...what a little flirt :)

5/16/2009 00:07:41

Landon - Sending you lots of hugs and kisses!


5/19/2009 23:33:46

Happy 4mos. birthday to you today Landon. Nan needs to be on your schedule today!!! Love you bunches, Hugs and kisses!


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