Baby Pictures -  

Amazing!  It was so amazing to see our little itty-bitty yesterday!  We saw so many features up close - the head, brain, eyes, lips, fingers, arms, heart, ribs, spine, legs and feet!  So many little features growing beautifully!!!  According to the measurement, the baby weighed in at 13 ounces.  A little on the small side, but not enough to change the due date, which is January 13, 2009.  David & I are very excited to welcome he or she into our family - we can't wait!

This is the baby's left upper body profile (head is on upper left looking down).

This is the baby's facial profile on right side (baby is looking up).

This is the baby's left foot (under the text "LT FOOT"). 

We saw both feet with all 10 toes.  We also saw both hands - each with four fingers, the thumbs were tucked under the hand so we couldn't see them.

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