It's David's last week at home before he leaves for Seattle.  So we've been keeping things pretty low key this week.  I was able to snap a few pix when Dave & MoJo spent time doing yardwork yesterday (it was another beautiful spring day!).  I'm going to be really sad when Dave leaves, but Mojie is really going to miss his buddy Dave. 

Please keep Dave in your prayers as he starts his new adventure in Seattle!  We'll be sure to keep you updated on his adventure! 


Spring is finally here!!  We got the bikes out this weekend and went for a ride on the Katy Trail on Saturday morning with some friends from church.  We rode about 20 miles and had lunch in Defiance.  Even though the ride started off cool, it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed getting some sun (Dave got red!).  Saturday night we went over our friends house to help lay some tile.  Today (Sunday), we spent mostly at home.  We got Dave packed for his trip.

To catch some of you up on Dave's job.  He applied to take a temporary assignment to work on the 787 Program (Boeing's new commercial airplane "The Dreamliner").  He leaves next Sunday (May 4) for Seattle.  He will be living out of a very nice hotel in Mukilteo, WA, only a few miles away from his work location in Everett.  He will start work on the 5th, where he will be working 2nd shift (3:30pm - 3:30am).  Working 2nd shift will be a dramatic change for him.  However, he has a great attitude about it and is very excited about this opportunity.  I won't be going to Seattle for the entire 3 months, but I will be going out to visit.  Our company pays for the employee to travel home every 3 weeks for a weekend, or for the spouse to fly out for the weekend.  I am planning to go out on Memorial day weekend and sometime in July.  Dave will be back at least once in June for Whit's wedding. 

Thanks to you all for your prayers and support during this job transition time for Dave.  If you have any prayer requests, we'd love to be praying for you!  Have a great week everyone!!!