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It's David's last week at home before he leaves for Seattle.  So we've been keeping things pretty low key this week.  I was able to snap a few pix when Dave & MoJo spent time doing yardwork yesterday (it was another beautiful spring day!).  I'm going to be really sad when Dave leaves, but Mojie is really going to miss his buddy Dave. 

Please keep Dave in your prayers as he starts his new adventure in Seattle!  We'll be sure to keep you updated on his adventure! 

the Schlipf's
5/2/2008 14:53:52

Hi Kelsey,
Love the pictures..tell Dave we wish him well and we will be praying for both of you. It will be hard, but you will have to call Grandma and talk to her about being alone when Grandpa was in the service. Don't forget to have her repeat when he came home for the last time. She was talking about it yesterday is forever imprinted in her memory and the emotion of neat.
Time will go by, but you will both be lonely I am sure..all 3 of you..such a cute little dog you have. Well enjoy your time together. love twyla

Joy Rugaard
5/3/2008 21:39:49

Precious...and great pictures!!! Your camera does great! We are praying for both of you as you are apart for the next few months....miss and love you!!

Brad, Jacquetta
5/13/2008 11:33:23

Are you preparing Moj for his newest cousin? (Hank) A little more even playing field for now. See ya soon.. Dad

Mary Witzig
6/16/2008 21:09:10

Dave and Kelsey: So excited about your news! We are so happy for you and will be praying for you for a safe and healthy next 7 months. Love U. Jerome and A Mary

6/20/2008 19:36:19

Congratulations, you guys ! So excited for you ! I'm glad , Kelsey, that you are feeling good and things are going well! One thing I can say about becoming a parent- You'll never regret it. Highs and lows both, but it's worth all the trouble and mess ! Love to you all !


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