Grammy's Lesson on "shop 'til you drop" -  

Grammy and Grandma Bev (Shull) came to get Nanny this past Friday.  It started out a great day.  They arrived to our house and quickly took off with Nanny and Landon for the mall (where else?!).  I gave her instructions over the phone of how to open the stroller and how to securely set the car seat in the stroller.  Little did I know that I should have provided instructions on how to walk & push the stroller ;)

I got a call from mom around 1:30pm - she informs me that she needs me to meet her at our house.  From there I will need to take her to the emergency room!  WHAT HAPPENED?!  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!  Landon was strapped securely in the car seat which sets into the stroller.  She was pushing the stroller in the mall and he started fussing.  While going around the side of the stroller to talk to him she caught her foot on the back tire (it’s one of those jogging strollers with the big tires).  Trying to catch her balance and not tip over the car seat, she landed on her left foot and it gave way/rolled out from under her – CRUNCH!  She said that there was an excruciating pain and crunch noise – OUCH!  To make this long story short, Nan & Bev came to help her get into the car…along with a few other nice people who helped mom get to the car (Nan & Bev still laugh that most of the people who “helped” them spent more time admiring and playing with Landon).  

I met her at my house and quickly whisked her and her very swollen foot to the emergency room.  All of the nurses and the dr. admired at how “pretty” the colors were – her foot was very blue and purple. They would all ask her how she felt – she would say “mad, mad that my shopping day with my grandson got wrecked” J  They took several X-rays and showed us where she broke her HEEL!  I had no idea that a heel could be broken!  Poor Grammy!  They put her in a temporary cast up to her knee! And said that the swelling would have to go down before surgery.  Mom, Bev & Nanny made it back to Morton on Friday night.  For now she is at home keeping her foot up until she sees the orthopedist (on Wednesday) to determine when surgery will be.  What a bummer!   We hope & pray that her heel/foot heals quickly! 

3/31/2009 13:33:48

Ouch that sounds horribly painful!
Landon IS growing and he has such beautiful dark eyes! Outside of Grammy's misfortune, we are glad things are going well. It is fun to watch them discover new things isn't it?

3/31/2009 21:51:14

Oh no!! I hope surgery and recovery go quickly for your mom!!!


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