The Demo Man has returned -  

Finally!  David has returned home from his temporary work assignment in Seattle.  He had a wonderful time exploring the area there, and I had a wonderful time visiting him twice, but it is more wondeful to have him home!!!  He arrived home Friday, exactly three months since he left.  Of course he went right to work and mowed the lawn and worked on the landscaping.  He asked me if he could start tearing out our upper patio in the back yard, and I politely told him NO.

We did finish our Friday evening by having an enjoyable dinner at a new local restaurant and played the new Mariocart on Wii - I'm almost addicted.  Saturday I convinced him to go to First Watch for breakfast before we began our day full of errands (he again tried to get out of it by asking if he could tear out the back patio). Then this morning we went to the Boathouse at Forest Park (another favorite breakfast place) and went to run a few more errands.  We made it home early this afternoon so that we could get the patio furniture pressure washed.  We're going to stain it later this week.  I decided to come inside to get a few things organized and soon heard a saw...Yes, he got the saw out to start tearing down the upper patio. 

So, we now have quite the mess in our back yard with more messes to come.  We're getting ready to have our hardwood floors refinished and new windows put in.  As they say with remodeling, things must get worse before they can get better. 

Hope you all are having a great summer.  It's my goal to start updating our site more often.  Keep checking back for new pictures and updates.

Twyla J Schlipf
8/7/2008 00:55:23

Wow that 3 months went fast! Maybe not for you, but that is the way it sems to be anymore. I think Dave is right..get those things done this summer, because after that baby comes...distraction big time! Our favorite thing to do anymore is sit around and watch Levi breathe..:0) )smile, get the picture. It is wonderful to have a baby around!
I am glad you are posting again...
We wish you well with the remodeling, etc! love A,T


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