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Last week was my first week back to work.  Those 7 weeks went by much too quickly!  I didn’t shed any tears because Grammy came in to stay with Landon for the week.  I knew that he would be very well taken care of (and spoiled!) while at work, so no worries were to be had.  

Grammy was a great help!  First she worked on figuring out what kind of schedule Landon was wanting to have during the day.  We determined that he likes a good morning nap, cat naps in the early afternoon, and a good nap in the late afternoon.  He has been going to bed around 8:30pm and gets up about 6:30am, only waking around 2:30am for a feeding.  We can work with that schedule!  It’s great!

Second Grammy worked on getting Landon socialized – this isn’t something I thought he was lacking.  However, my mom ran into some friends from Morton at a mall here in St. Louis (such a small world!).  She was showing Landon off to her friends….he would look at her and smile, then look at the friends and frown!  He did this several times over again.  So it was determined that he needs to be socialized more so that he would smile at everyone J  So, she socialized him at the malls and stores while working on his wardrobe.  Grammy got Landon new socks, shoes, clothes, books and toys.  So much fun!  Grammy – we can’t thank you enough for all you did last week!  In addition to taking care of Landon you took awesome care of Dave & me.  THANK YOU!!!!

Grammy had to go home so that she could go back to work.  So, Nanny has moved in and is ready to take care of Landon --- until the end of summer.   We are so blessed to have her here taking great care of our little man.  Landon is going to have so much fun with Nan.  She has taken care of so many children over the years, and Landon is lucky to be one of them.  Pa & Noah brought Nan today, here are a few shots of them hanging out with Landon and trying to get him to smile. 

3/15/2009 12:39:03

Hi all, Hope tomorrow goes well for all ...... I will be crying as I go back to work and will miss my "little man" bunches. I know he will be getting lots of great care and kisses from nan. You guys have a great week and enjoy your time together. Lots of love to you all. Hey Dave, great outfit!!!! You did a nice job and your shopping trip.

3/15/2009 15:07:48

What a blessed "little man" to have so many to love him! He is very precious. My heart goes out to Grammy this week for sure..and it looks like Uncle Noah has a buddy!!

uncle matt
3/17/2009 03:58:34

nice pics, only flaw is you need to get him in some White Sox gear! lol


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